Casting Notices for Public Reads

The below readings will take place on the date advertised, over Zoom. A recording will be made available online after the reading. The readings are conducted on a voluntary basis. Friends and family are welcome to attend the stream (for free). To apply to participate in the reading, please write in the subject line in an email [name of play – character ] and email to with your headshot and a recent video recording of yourself/reel.

(for future auditions there will be a nicely designed page/audition process, hehe)

The Truman Show – 26 July

An insurance salesman discovers his whole life is actually a reality TV show. We will pull extracts that cover the 5 day span of the show and explore what’s real and what isn’t

Truman, an affable husband, son and best friend who starts to realize he is the center of his own reality show and nothing around him is real.

Christof, the director of the show, he’s an Artist who takes the job seriously, at all costs

Lauren/Sylvia, Truman’s mysterious lover who warns Truman about the reality show

Marlon, Truman’s best friend. He seems to truly care about Truman, but has more integrity as an Actor than as a friend.

Meryl, Truman’s wife. A walking commercial for product placements in the show, she clearly despises Truman but puts up an act.

Pretty Woman draft version AKA $3000 – 5 July

The draft script of Pretty Woman (yes, the movie) was once called $3000. We will play extracts that show how strong Vivian’s character is.

Vivian, twenty-two years old. She has been a prosititute for over six years. Independent, head strong, fun loving.

Kit, Vivian’s best friend. She lacks self confidence and so lives day to day, taking one thing at a time.

Edward Harris, a good looking, successful business man in his late forties. He doesn’t get much of a chance to let loose until he meets and falls inlove with Vivian.

April 26 – Chicken Salad

[NORMA (MOTHER)]40 to 70 years old, Black/African American, Mediterranean, Caucasian, Mixed Ethnicity female. A concerned mother finds her widowed daughter is in denial about her loss. She is sensitive, attentive but cruel.

[CAROL RYAN – 34, A WIDOW REMEMBERING]28 to 35 years old, African, Mediterranean, Caucasian, Mixed Ethnicity female. Newly widowed, Carol is struggling with the reality of her loss. She has a confrontation with her mother and discovers the fragility of their own relationship.

Chicken Salad depicts a difficult confrontation between a woman and her mother following the woman’s husband’s funeral. People grieve in different ways. The bonds that exists in families is more fragile than people think, possibly because the deep bonds between family makes them assume that other family members think the same way they do. At the same time, when a wound is incurred, it goes a lot deeper. And it makes forgiveness a lot harder.

May 3 – But You’re White

3 Actors

ADAM, Interviewer.
WALTER, Job Candidate (Caucasin in appearance)
DAN, Interviewer.

A white male job candidate marks African-American on the self-identification section on his job application The Interviewer is confused by this and confronts the applicant … Runs about 10-15 minutes…

Charley’s Aunt – 17 May

JACK CHESNEY – Student at St. Olde’s College, Son of Sir Francis
CHARLEY WYKEHAM – Student at St. Olde’s College
LORD FANCOURT BABBERLEY – Student at St. Olde’s College
BRASSETT – A College Scout (manservant)
AMY SPETTIGUE – niece of Stephen Spettigue
KITTY VERDUN – Stephen Spettigue’s Ward
ELA DELAHAY – adopted niece of Donna-Lucia D’Alvadorez

Written in 1893, Charley’s Aunt is a hugely popular vintage farce set in Oxford.

Charles Wykeham uses the imminent arrival of his Brazilian aunt Donna Lucia as an opportunity to invite two young ladies to his rooms for tea

But when Donna Lucia’s visit is postponed and they’re without a chaperone, rather than cancel the tea-party, Charles and Jack persuade their fellow student Lord Fancourt to impersonate the Aunt

Lord Fancourt relishes the opportunity and particularly enjoys being kissed by the girls and sharing their confidences

So much so, he stubbornly refuses to abandon his role

But then the real Donna Lucia turns up ..

48 Mini Plays – 24 May

Well, we need up to 8 actors of any age or gender to play a range of roles in 48 mini plays!