Charley’s Aunt

Sunday May 10 2020

Online Reading: Free to watch (HERE! come back to this page)

4pm New York Time

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It’s set in an Oxford college in 1892

Charles Wykeham uses the imminent arrival of his Brazilian aunt Donna Lucia as an opportunity to invite two young ladies to his rooms for tea

But when Donna Lucia’s visit is postponed and they’re without a chaperone, rather than cancel the tea-party, Charles and Jack persuade their fellow student Lord Fancourt to impersonate the Aunt

Lord Fancourt relishes the opportunity and particularly enjoys being kissed by the girls and sharing their confidences

So much so, he stubbornly refuses to abandon his role.

But then the real Donna Lucia turns up….

Written by Brandon Thomas 

Directed by Leigh Fitzjames


" Keep calm and refuse him! But a proposal puts anyone in a flutter. You know that.”