Work with Us

We invite all professional actors with clear English speaking abilities to apply to become a Line Runner. 

To apply, simply email a recording of the following transcript. Please use a phone headset to record the script (i.e. the same headset you would use for a phone call). We will contact shortlisted Actors for a phone call audition to discuss the opportunity. Please note, that due to a high number of applications we may not reply to all submissions.  



ROVE and ANNIE are sitting on opposite sides of a breakfast table, both nursing a cup of by-now cold tea. ANNIE is covered in leaves, having just played a long game of ‘Go’.


What did you say? 

I feel like you’re completely missing the point here.

We’ve been going over this for two hours now and we’re getting nowhere.

ANNIE gets up, paces with her cup of tea, not saying anything. 

Maybe it’s best I went alone. I could do with some time alone anyway. Be good for us both. What do you thin